Drink Review – Uludag Gazoz

Here’s a quick review of another random drink that I found in a deli – Krave to be precise, the best deli in Yorkshire if not the world! This one is Turkish apparently, and has been around since the early 1930’s. The label claims that it is a ‘Fruits Flavoured Fizzy Soft Drink’ (sic) and ‘The Taste of the 30’s’. It’s big on the continent, or so I’m told, and can be regularly found on takeaway menus. 

It’s clear and mildly bubbly, with a taste that is reminiscent of fake raspberry flavouring or bubblegum. Not too sweet, not too powerful. Completely inoffensive really, quite nice but nothing to get over excited about.

It’s not just me either – marvel at the lashings of ‘meh’ that Crabby Fox also garnished upon it. At least they remembered to take a photograph before they drank it. Professionalism, people.